junkie man, tell me what the story is... he was an artist, and a writer...and a poet, and a friend. i am what i am, so damn! lets all go to the punk rock show.. money money money..must be funny..

Jitterbug Perfume is a new punk/indie band appearing in the music scene of Northeastern PA...Hawley-Greentown to be exact. Jitterbug Perfume is a band that blends the screaming vocals of many punk bands out there with quieter singing to form a hardcore band that still maintains a unique sound. in short, the used + mira = jitterbug perfume.

This site is maintained and HAND CODED (so don't steal, or you shall die) by me, Liss. Yes, I sing, play guitar, and make websites. I'm some kind of dream girl. Mhm. Well, anyway, you can find out what the story is for me and my good buddies, Lyss and Becca on the "Bios" page. And if you hate us..well, we tried.


22 December 2002 My oh my, have we been neglectful! Hopefully you all will excuse us..it's the holiday season, y'know. Well, guess who has a bass! Come on, guess! LYSS DOES!!!! Be happy for her, kids. She deserves it. His name is Melvin. Becca and I are hoping that Santa will be good to us this year.... 'cause we haven't spotted a drum set under Becca's tree, and I'm poor so there's really nothing under my tree. Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! Make those New Year's resolutions good!

22 November 2002 LALALALALA! Who's getting a guitar? Guess. It's MEE! Who's getting a drum set? It's Becca! And who's getting a bass? Well, hell if I know, but we're all hoping Lyss will be extra loved by Santa this year. Or maybe she's got a secret lover that's a millionaire. If she does, GET HER A BASS!!! Not a car, a bass. Yeah. Anyway, we're all ready to start jamming. My dad set up the studio the other day, so we're ready to rock and roll. Weee!

16 November 2002 The site is up!! YEAH!! Now everyone knows about us. Hey everyone! Check out the bios and stuff, and sign the g-book. Make us losers feel special. We still need a lot of practice before there will be any shows, so don't look for us any time soon. But we're working on it, and we'll give you guys the updates if anything miraculous happens. (That being, we all of a sudden don't suck!) That's it for today. Later..

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